A Message from the Directors

Hello and welcome to this issue of “All Very Well and Good” newsletter. Some exciting changes since we last touched base:

  • Ryan O’Connor coming on board as my new business partner and developing our new arm in Injury Prevention
  • Rebranding our new website that offers blogs, newsletter articles and a Wellness Hub for members as well as the latest timetables for each of our Corporate Facilities.
  • A new Statewide contract that allows the flexibility to promote our services with greater reach across Western Australia.
  • Securing all of our current contracts in our corporate health facilities.

With that being said it doesn’t happen without a great team and the support of clients like you. Ryan, our team and I, thank you for your patronage and support within all our business units. We are excited by the times ahead and want to ensure we continue to deliver and don’t loose focus on you, our clients.

At ground level Absolute Balance strives to provide you with the best opportunity to realise your health & fitness goals, whether that be improve function at work, reduce the niggles and aches, increasing alertness at work through more effective energy input/outputs to simply increasing daily activity so you can keep up with the children’s/ grandchildren’s activities.

As we say at Absolute Balance, “It’s your life, so live it!” Commence your exercise programme today!

Absolute Balance is very excited about our future. We are more closely defining our niche areas each year further developing our business in the following areas:

  1. Injury Rehabilitation
  2. Corporate Health Services
  3. Injury Prevention Training

Further information on these services can be seen on our website: www.absolutebalance.com.au

On behalf of Ryan, our team and I, thank you for choosing Absolute Balance. Together we are excited about your health and fitness goals and ambitions, so come and share them with us. Our main aim is to help you achieve your goals.

Kind regards,
Derek Knox (B.Sc. Sports, MBA)
Ryan O’Connor (B.Sc. Sports, Grad
Dip. OH&S)
Directors – Accredited Exercise



Absolute Balance Newsletter September 2014