A Year in Review at Absolute Balance

The final one for the year… and what a year it has been.

Like most years now, 2017 year has flown by and we are set for a brief break as of December 22nd.

Before we close however we would like to recognise some of the achievements this year at Absolute Balance.

New Location – Clinic

The consolidation of our clinics to our new centrally located modern facility located in Preston St Como has allowed all team members to learn and be inspired by each other. Furthermore, an influx of Patients (Workers Compensation, Chronic Conditions and Injury Prevention) as well as growing numbers in group classes has created a great hype in the clinic. Added with, state of the art equipment our company has transitioned into a professional outfit with cloud based connectivity and integration. Naturally we are proud of this, so special thanks to all team members and suppliers such as Technogym who have contributed to make this happen.

Team and Personal Development

At Absolute Balance we celebrate milestones. Over this year it has been terrific to see all team members grow and develop both personally or professionally. This has been evident through team members becoming better exercise physiologists from both a clinical and non-clinical aspect. On top of this there has been many personal achievements such as purchasing houses, completing a Masters and/or PhD and the like. We are very proud of each team member’s achievements, but even happier that we can share these milestones with our team at Absolute Balance. In 2018, we aim to continue to challenge and grow our team so that all team members can become the best individual possible. 

AB Team Achievements

As cliché as it sounds “together everyone achieves more” Many projects would not have been able to get off the ground without our team members contributions. We have definitely continued to foster our culture of terrific results. We have also learnt that our values are an imperative component of any business and we continue align our organisational values to the work we complete for our clients.

Some additional AB Team achievements included:

  • Formalising our Intranet with our Standard Operational Procedures in place
  • Regular Organisational, Team and Individual meetings for upskilling and development
  • Employing a Business Manager – a highly skilled team member who understands the scope of services we provide by creating effective tools so that we can keep our finger on the pulse at all times
  • Career Pathways – career development from cadetships through to junior partnerships for senior team members
  • Clinical Development – ongoing clinical development through our weekly team meetings, one on ones as well as through our quarterly personal development days where we invited external professionals and specialists to educate our team members
  • Business Growth – increase in team numbers, new revenue pathways and opportunities have grown Absolute Balance’s footprint in the WA market


New Technologies

Absolute Balance has adopted several new platforms due to the many moving parts of our business. These platforms for our small business are imperative for future proofing as well as systemising for efficient work functions. Some of the notable developments include:

  • Intranet
  • External Marketing System/Strategy
  • Technogym Partnering
  • Case Manager Update

With new technologies comes inertia and this is a challenge in itself. By early 2018 we trust our new learnings and platforms will enable better productivity and competencies for all our team members so that daily tasks can be completed with ease.

Where to in 2018

In 2018 we remain focused on our vision and mission ensuring that our promises and our values align to our company goals. We wish to ensure all team members know and share our vision as well as all parts of our business. We also wish to continue to challenge, upskill and develop our team so that each individual can become the best person and Exercise Physiologist possible. Together we shall grow, share the challenging times and celebrate the milestones.

Thank you to our clients

Ryan and I are delighted with the progress of our team, as you can see we are very proud of each member and believe personal growth is important to any organisations team.

We also continue to strive to provide our Clients, Workers and Patients with the very best experience. We wish to continue to consolidate the business further so that all stakeholders relate to Absolute Balance in a positive manner and that we are front of mind for assisting in evidence-based solutions.

Ryan and I would like to extend a massive thank you to our Clients. We are fortunate to know you as people, clients, partners and valued members of what Absolute Balance Exercise Physiology Services stand for.

Finally, we trust the Christmas break will allow you to spend time with your family, reconnect and recharge the batteries ready to take on 2018. Thanks again for your contribution, guidance and support.  Merry Christmas, be safe and see you in 2018.


Derek and the Team from Absolute Balance