AB Client Spotlight – Jeni Taylor

I would like to share a fantastic achievement from one of our long-term clients here at Absolute Balance – Jeni Taylor. I had the pleasure of meeting Jeni when I first started at Absolute Balance 12 months ago, where she was a regular in our Female Functional Fitness classes at the Como Clinic. Over that time, through hard-work and self-discipline, Jeni has lost an impressive 11.1kg and now reports a whole new outlook to health, both physically and mentally.

Jeni first began attending classes at Absolute Balance in November 2017, in conjunction with completing a 1 on 1 care plan through Medicare. Jeni was worried about Type II Diabetes and the associated health complications and was looking for guidance regarding exercise. On top of Jeni’s weight concerns, she also lived with lower back pain, significant knee pain and limited shoulder range of motion, struggling to lift anything above shoulder height. Jeni reported that previously she could only walk for 5 minutes at a time, as any longer would be too painful on her lower back and knees.

After committing to a weekly exercise routine and improving other lifestyle habits such as changing her diet and cutting out soft drinks, Jeni has moved from strength to strength. Jeni now walks for 15 minutes at pace and with an incline as a warmup for our classes, with absolutely no lower back or knee pain. When performing functional strength exercises, Jeni can now press up to 10kg above head and has improved her squat depth from 60 degrees to 90 degrees. The progress Jeni has made has led to significant improvements in her activities of daily living. Jeni now finds hopping in and out of cars a breeze and reports that her increased energy levels have helped her productivity. Jeni believes that our classes together – and exercise in general – are the perfect way to set up her day.

Whether it is smashing a personal record on incline push-ups to “Eye of the Tiger” or giving me the run-down on her healthy mushroom omelette breakfast, Jeni’s perseverance and commitment to her health have led her to establishing positive long-term habits that will help her maintain the impressive progress she has already made. Jeni has further weight goals she is striving for and I have no doubt in my mind that she will achieve them by sticking to the routine she has already put in place.


From everyone at Absolute Balance – Well done Jeni!

Callan Smith

Accredited Exercise Physiologist (AEP) (ESSAM)