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Collagen and its role in Rehabilitation from an Injury

The recommendations for diet, exercise, supplementation, and our health are changing on a regular basis, with new research and scientific studies delving deeper than ever before into how to best sustain the health of the human body. An up-and-coming area of research, specifically for athletic populations and rehabilitation, is the use of Collagen supplementation to […]

Tend to Your Forearm Tendonitis!

Have you ever experienced a burning sensation in the small tendons and muscles in your forearms? Do you encounter this feeling after strain, overuse or too much exercising involving your forearms? You may be suffering from forearm tendonitis. Forearm tendinopathy and tendonitis are some of the most frequent encountered disorders of the upper extremity. With […]

Trigger Finger

Trigger finger is a mechanical condition that often causes the finger or thumb to get stuck in a bent position, sudden locking and releasing of the finger or thumb during flexion and extension. Trigger finger can also be known as trigger thumb and stenosing tenosynovitis. The tendons of the finger or thumb become inflamed and […]

Cardio Vs Resistance Training: Which is better?

There are many different forms of physical activity that provide benefits to our overall health. These activities can be in the form of running in the park, lifting weights in the gym, or even doing circuit training through bootcamp sessions just to name a few. For some people, the question remains, “What is the best […]

Patient Case Study – Full Rotator Cuff Avulsion Rehabilitation

Patient details: 65yr old male, Obese, Hypertension, no other comorbidities Occupation: Heavy haulage truck driver Injury Details: Fell between two truck trailers onto the right arm causing major rotator cuff tearing. Right shoulder arthroscopic subacromial decompression, excision of the AC joint and open repair of a massive avulsion of the entire rotator cuff on the […]

Rib Fractures

Rib fractures are often caused by trauma to the chest region. Due to the structure of the ribs (long thin bones), they are prone to breaking because of direct trauma or repetitive trauma. Some common causes include a fall, motor vehicle accident, coughing, some sports or an assault. Symptoms of a rib fracture include pain […]

Motivational Tips to get back into that exercise routine

Struggling to get back into your exercise routine? We know finding the time and motivation to get moving can be difficult. Oxford Dictionary defines MOTIVATION as the feeling of wanting to do something, especially something that involves hard work and effort. Here are some tips which I hope offer you a healthy boost of inspiration […]

Carpel Tunnel Syndrome: What is it?

The carpel tunnel is a narrow, rigid passageway of ligament and bone that is found at the base of the hand. It houses the median nerve, which is a mixed sensory and motor nerve that runs from the end of the brachial plexus (located at the root of your neck) through the forearm to provide […]

Should you be doing more beyond pre-employment medicals to prevent injuries to new employees?

Particularly in jobs that are manual task intensive, completing a pre-employment medical is very much standard practice nowadays. These medicals can vary in length and quality. But even high-quality pre-employment medicals may have their pitfalls and still leave new workers at risk of musculoskeletal injuries. Whilst a candidate may be able to ‘pass’ a pre-employment […]