Be PROACTIVE this new year


We all “talk the talk”, but lets face it “walking the walk” is a lot harder.

Post new years (an interesting one for yours truly) is a funny time, everyone is “motivated” until the daily grind gets in the way.

I have often pondered, “what will make this year any different from the other ones”, and it hit me recently. No ‘thing’ ‘saying’ ‘war cry’ or ‘catch phrase’ makes it ‘different’ from any other.

If you are happy with you as it is then thumbs up, hats off and I am jealous. If you feel that there are things you aspire to, then go get it. Time waits for nobody so make it a day to day challenge rather than a year long unachievable and unattainable goal that will just depress the crap out of you!

In my humble opinion if you’re basing a promise to yourself over a twelve month period  regarding health and well-being you’re doomed to fail.

Set yourself up for success, make it achievable, chip away and watch your goal come to fruition!

Yours truly


Ryan O'Connor: Director and AEP

Ryan O’Connor: Director and AEP