Body Composition Analysis

Since 1995, Absolute Balance have been the corporate gymnasium operator at the Forrest Centre building in the Perth CBD. Over the years, we have formed close working relationships with the CBRE building management and the many great companies and their employees that call the Forrest Centre home. These last two weeks, Absolute Balance had the pleasure of providing complimentary, in-depth body composition testing to Synergy employees in the Forrest Centre.

Using a Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis scale, we can provide an extensive overview of your general health. In a quick 20 second scan, you can find out how healthy your body truly is. The scale provides greater accuracy due to the four points of contact with the body as the scan is performed. Our assessments offer information on;

  • Body fat percentage and distribution
  • Total body water percentage
  • Muscle mass and distribution
  • Basal metabolic rate
  • Metabolic age
  • Visceral fat rating

It was a fantastic experience to be able to provide these body composition measurements to the Synergy employees. Once the scans were completed, we used our remaining time to firstly explain in detail each measurement and what that means in relation to the individuals overall health, before discussing lifestyle strategies for areas that may need improvement. If a body composition analysis is something you are interested in, please contact Absolute Balance on 9244 5580 or email to talk with one of our friendly Exercise Physiologists.

Please note: these scans are not for pregnant women or individuals with a pacemaker


Callan Smith (B.Sc. Exercise & Sport Science, B.Sc. Exercise Science & Rehabilitation)

Accredited Exercise Physiologist (AEP) (ESSAM)