Case Study July 2014

Accredited Exercise Physiologist’s participating in GP and/or treating physician visits and/or case conferences, the benefits…

Due to the nature of Exercise Rehabilitation Accredited Exercise Physiologists (AEP’s) are faced with a myriad of issues that are often out of their scope of practice when rehabilitating a worker to a functional capacity suitable for resumption of their normal job roles. Such issues are often pyscho-social such as depression, anxiety, ESL (English as a second language) and other barriers to participating or performing well in exercise rehabilitation.

Absolute Balance endeavours to innovate and be leaders in exercise rehabilitation and often seeks to participate in GP visits and Case Conferences. Absolute Balance AEP’s request involvement with the Treating Physician at the beginning and close to the end of the exercise programme to provide face-to-face evaluation (at the Worker’s next GP appointment) to discuss the current physical function and the client’s progress and improvement in functional capacity. The aim/s to have further if not ALL restrictions removed. Historically we have measured positive outcomes using a multidisciplinary case team with all relevant parties meeting which allows greater success in achieving a positive outcome for all parties concerned.

Our experience historically is that GP’s or treating physicians often appreciate an independent third party opinion on the workers progress and respond positively to evidence-based exercise rehabilitation and outcomes. Often Absolute Balance consultants are quizzed as to the client’s current functional capacity and whether they feel the worker is fit for unrestricted duties at completion of the programme. This benefits both the practitioner as well as cognitively motivating and preparing the worker for a return to full duties.

Recently in a GPCC a treating physician stated that “as he did not have an objective measure for pain he did not feel comfortable signing the worker fit for unrestricted duties even though the worker is now completing their normal work duties and has 95% FC”. Respectfully the AB Exercise Physiologist was able to inform the Physician that the worker is experiencing residual soreness purely from exercise (playing soccer once/week) and as the client had never aggressively rehabilitated before and indeed never had a muscular injury previously the worker was worried about losing treatment. The AB Exercise Physiologist was able to redirect the visit and asked the physician if it was practical then to sign the worker fit and keep the treatment to allay the client’s worries and inform the insurance company who can close the case on the back end.

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