Meet the Team – Chris Chen

Hi everyone, my name is Chris Chen and I am a Senior Accredited Exercise Physiologist at Absolute Balance.

Exercise has always been something I am passionate about since I was in high-school. I spent a lot of time reading up and watching videos about how to get stronger, how to get leaner, what food burns fat and anything else you can think of that relates to something to do with health and fitness.

Additionally, soccer is a sport that runs rich through my family as my Dad has been playing since his own primary school days and my brother and myself grew to love it as well.

However, during a high-school match I suffered a devastating injury to my left knee and completely ruptured my ACL. I wasn’t sure what was going on at the time and I continued to exercise at the gym as I believed that if I kept my muscles strong, I’d be able to recover. Unfortunately, I was a naïve teenager and didn’t realise that ligaments aren’t able to repair on their own.

I realised soon after that the exercises I was doing in the gym appeared to be working and I didn’t feel like my leg would give-way anymore and that’s when I began my journey into Exercise Rehabilitation.

I ended up doing a degree in Exercise Physiology at Murdoch University after deciding I wanted to learn more about how exercise can be prescribed as medicine and how I’ll be able to help others who have had to go through similar circumstances.

Exercise has allowed me to continue doing all the things I want to do, and I still get to put on my soccer boots from time to time.

Chris Chen (BSc – Exercise Physiology)

Senior Accredited Exercise Physiologist