Client Spotlight – Ray

In my role as an Accredited Exercise Physiologist in the world of workers’ compensation, I am lucky to work with a wide range of vibrant personalities. One of these personalities I worked closely with was a jovial bloke named Ray. I recently received some lovely feedback from Ray which allowed me to reflect on our time together, and the trials and tribulations we went through to achieve a positive outcome in the end.


To Whom it may Concern

 Just a short note to thank you guys for assisting in the recovery of my injuries.

 In particular I would like to thank Callan Smith as he has been very good with the recovery programme and understanding the injuries.

He has set me tasks for me to carry out in the recovery, also giving encouragement throughout the workouts.

Callan is also a great person to work with and has great people skills.

Please pass on my sincere appreciation for what he is doing and done for my recovery.



Ray Penfold


I first met Ray after he was referred to me with the aim of improving the functional capacity of the left shoulder and scapula following a work injury where Ray attempted to halt a moving trailer with his left arm. Not long after treatment began, Ray was involved in another incident at work when he was struck by a car when delivering a fire truck to a new depot. This put Ray out of commission for a few weeks as he rested up, and it would come as no surprise that this knocked our shoulder progress back to square one! On top of this, Ray developed bilateral groin pain from the impact. At first this was diagnosed as soft tissue damage that will sort itself out with time, but as the weeks rolled on and we continued working on the shoulder rehab it was noticed that this groin pain was not improving.

Thanks to a devoted and knowledgeable team around Ray (GP, Worksite Injury Consultant, Insurer, and yours truly) this groin issue was picked up early and as we all know, early intervention leads to a quicker recovery. With insurer approval to tailor the programme to incorporate bilateral groin and hip rehab as well as the on-going shoulder rehab, we saw swift progress and Ray was soon increasing hours at work and performing more of his old duties. As all rehab goes, there would be good weeks and not so good weeks, but even a short hospital stay due to pericarditis did little to dampen Ray’s spirits, and I am pleased to report he is currently completing full pre-injury hours and duties at work. Ray’s continued positive mindset throughout an extremely complex recovery process is a testament to his character and I believe a huge asset in reaching this stage. I feel very lucky to have played a part in helping him conquer a hell of a year.

All the best for an injury free 2020 Ray!

Callan Smith

B.Sc. Exercise & Sport Science, B.Sc. Exercise Science & Rehabilitation

Senior Accredited Exercise Physiologist (AEP) (ESSAM)