Consistency: The Key to your Health & Fitness Goals

No matter what your health and fitness goals are, if you lack consistency in your approach, your progress will be hampered. Far too often people fall into the vicious cycle of skipping an exercise session, this then leads to skipping an entire week, topped off with an overly indulgent weekend because you plan to ‘start a fresh on Monday’. And what’s the result? Back to square one! Now nobody said it was easy, but anything worth having takes hard work and dedication. The weekly grind of busy work schedules, relationships, families and children can leave us little time for ourselves. Therefore, you must figure out what exercise/physical activity habits you can realistically achieve on a CONSISTENT basis.  Equally, it’s important to ensure that these are fun for you personally, as you will quickly find excuses to avoid anything that you do not enjoy!

Although this sounds simple, take the time to reflect on your current exercise/physical activity regime and consider challenging yourself to ‘show up’ for the next couple of weeks. For some, this might be taking a walk around the local park several mornings a week, for others it might be getting to the gym for 3 weekly sessions. Treat the time allocated for exercise like you would any other ‘appointment’ and lock it into your daily schedule. And when you next start thinking of reasons to pass up on exercise, tell yourself…”It’s not what we do once in a while that shapes our lives. It’s what we do consistently”…

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Jenny Conlon