COVID-19 Absolute Balance Exercise Physiology Group Operational Update

We value the health and well-being of our employees, patients, business partners and the public at large. As you are aware, there are several confirmed cases of COVID-19 in WA and we are taking this very seriously.

We are taking appropriate measures and following all government and health department guidelines to ensure we manage this continuously changing situation as responsibly as possible.

The health and safety of all our patients is at the forefront of the strategies we have implemented. While we are aware that the virus is a risk, we are also aware that ceasing all rehabilitation is a risk to the wellbeing of our patients too. All our consultants are working off-site in isolated environments, while at the same time offering numerous alternative treatment options to ensure we can continue producing favourable outcomes for all parties involved. Our consultation options include, but are not limited to:

  1. Making appointments at earlier times to avoid the rush in the gym, while exercising the highest caution regarding hygiene
  2. Consultations at Absolute Balance clinic facility which will be used as a one on one option only. A central calendar will be used to manage bookings to avoid duplicating time slots
  3. Consultations in an outdoor park setting – with self-managing equipment
  4. Home visits for low-risk patients – these patients will be screened beforehand to ascertain if eligible for a home visit or not
  5. Telehealth

Our focus is to keep calm, keep on treating and do everything we can to take care of each other!

Empower. Empathise. Encourage.