Diabetes Group Classes Coming to Absolute Balance

Do you or someone you know currently live with Type II Diabetes Mellitus? If so, you may be eligible to attend the new Medicare rebated Diabetes Group Classes on offer at our Como Clinic.

There is overwhelming evidence that supports the use of exercise in the management of Type II Diabetes.  One substantial benefit is the decrease in glycated hemoglobin and fasting blood glucose levels, which in turn can reduce required medication. Other improvements through exercise include improvements in systolic blood pressure, sleeping habits, anxiety/stress, body composition and respiratory function.

To be eligible for these bulk-billed classes, you first must obtain a referral from your GP and complete an initial one on one health assessment with an Exercise Physiologist here at Absolute Balance to determine suitability for the programme and identify relevant and achievable goals.

After this is completed, up to 8 group class sessions can be prescribed that include 45 minutes of evidence-based exercise as well as 15 minutes of education related to Type II Diabetes. Education can range from basic nutritional guidelines and recipes, blood glucose monitoring, day to day exercise strategies, how to read food labels or questions on associated health care concerns.

Participation in these classes does not affect your five annual Chronic Disease Management sessions with an Allied Health Professional through Medicare. This means you have potentially 14 sessions (5x CDM, 1x Health Assessment, 8x Group Exercise) a year available to you without taking a knock to your wallet!

At Absolute Balance, we specialise in clinical exercise interventions and class programming for people who are at risk or living with chronic diseases, making us a perfect choice to help individuals living with Type II Diabetes through exercise and education. If you are interested in joining the group classes or have any further questions, please contact us at info@absolutebalance.com.au or call 9244 5580.

Callan Smith (B.Sc. Exercise and Sports Science, B.Sc. Exercise Science and Rehabilitation)

Accredited Exercise Physiologist (AEP) (ESSAM)


Deakin, T., McShane, C. E., Cade, J. E., & Williams, R. D. (2005). Group based training for self-management strategies in people with type 2 diabetes mellitus. Cochrane Database Syst Rev2(2).