Ergonomic Assessments

At Absolute Balance, our Office Ergonomic Assessments assess and educate individuals on the optimal workplace set-up, through both practical and theoretical knowledge. Assessments are conducted onsite to ensure the long-term management of employees health and wellbeing can be maintained.

What does an ergonomic assessment involve?

An Ergonomic assessment will take between 10-15 minutes per participant, depending on complexity of work area and reported symptoms.

A subjective and objective analysis will be conducted by our qualified Allied Health Professionals. All our staff have specific evidence-based knowledge related to ergonomic design, rehabilitation and prevention of Occupational Overuse Injuries (OOS) and can apply this knowledge in a holistic manner that is appropriate for each individual.

The Ergonomic assessment will focus around four key areas:

  • Workstation design and legislative compliance to Australian Standards and applicable Codes of Practice
  • Biomechanical Principals at the office workstation i.e. repetition, force, volume and exertion
  • Ergonomic equipment selection and best practice using suppliers who comply with Australian legislation
  • Ergonomic workflow design

Why conduct an Ergonomic Assessment?

Ergonomic Assessments are conducted by our Allied Health consultants and are designed to provide the knowledge and education of;

  • How participants can ergonomically set up and maintain their own workstation
  • Enable staff to reduce the risk factors that are inherent in computer/screen-based work
  • Ensure staff recognise the signs and symptoms associated with the onset of ‘soft tissue’ injuries and take appropriate steps to avoid exacerbating the condition

The Absolute Balance Difference

  1. We charge a per hour rate for all Ergonomic Assessments. With each assessment taking between 10 – 15 minutes in duration, we can generally see between 4 – 6 people per hour, reducing the per head cost.
  2. We do no charge travel, within the metro area.
  3. Absolute Balance Consultants are all Accredited Exercise Physiologist, who can prescribe individual exercises to assist with the self-management of musculoskeletal discomfort.


Absolute Balance Ergonomic Assessment Programs


Basic Assessment

A Basic Ergonomic Assessment from Absolute Balance involves a one-on-one assessment with an individual, including the adjustment of equipment and education around ergonomic design and biomechanical principles. Individual exercises can be prescribed on a cloud-based app to assist with the self-management of musculoskeletal discomfort.

Comprehensive Assessment 

A comprehensive Assessment from Absolute Balance involves everything included in the Basic Assessment as well as a formal report on the individual and their workstation. This will include any further recommendations regarding the workstation and/or any additional furniture or equipment that may be required.

Group Ergonomics Training

Group Ergonomic Training from Absolute Balance will provide participants with education on the biomechanical principles of Ergonomics and how to set up a workstation. The training allows participants to take ownership of their own workstations which will then reduce their risk of musculoskeletal injury. The session is both theoretical and practical to ensure a high level of engagement from participants. The session is 45 minutes in duration, with additional time at the end for questions.

Absolute Balance specialise in tailored programs to suit the needs of individual organisations. Contact us today with your organisations needs and we will send you a custom quote. 

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