Exercising Through Winter

During the winter months, the mornings are darker and colder and this time of year, bed feels like the best place to be! If you are finding it hard to maintain your exercise routine through winter, here are a few tips to keep you on track:

  1. Plan And Prepare: Prepare the night before; plan your route, check the weather forecast and pack anything you need before so you can just get up and go. It is also important to train in the right gear, especially if training outside. Too little clothing will lead to you becoming too cold, and too much clothing can cause overheating. Where possible, exercise inside away from the weather to avoid overexposure to the elements.
  2. Utilise External Motivating Factors: Train for an event, participate in a winter sport, join a class or get a gym buddy; when there are more people, there is more motivation and more encouragement, so get around your fellow exercisers!
  3. Focus On The Benefits Of Exercise: yes it may be cold but there are so many benefits for both your mind and body that it’s worth it!
  4. Change It Up: create a new playlist, try a shorter or more intense workout or make your workout part of your commute to or from work. The idea is to keep it interesting and keep challenging yourself and providing your body with a new stimulus to help prevent that winter plateau.
  5. Moderate Your Dietary Intake: if you look after your diet you will find it easier to exercise, and always ensure you maintain your hydration levels, as you can still get dehydrated in the cold
  6. Get A Trainer: if you feel like you just aren’t motivated to do it yourself, a trainer will help keep you on track and reach your goals

The main thing to remember with any type of training, in any season, is to do something you enjoy and reward yourself every now and then!

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Brodie Scicluna (B.Sc Exercise and Sports Science)
Exercise Consultant