Injury Prevention Services

Ergonomic Assessments

  • Complimentary exercise prescription through a FREE app to self-manage musculoskeletal discomfort
  • Education on biomechanics, ergonomic principles and setup
  • Empowering workers to take ownership of their workstation setup
  • Workplace and home assessments available

Neural Fx

  • Evidence-based program based on the scientific principles of developmental kinesiology
  • Assist workers to retrain their brain and reduce workplace injures
  • Successfully running program for workers with high risk of injuries

Job Dictionaries

  • Identify critical physical demands and high-risk areas of a job role
  • Essential tool for identifying suitable duties for injured workers in return to work plans as well as for creating job specific pre-employment medicals
  • Recognise risk associated with job roles to develop control strategies to lower risk

Health and Injury Prevention Training Workshops

  • Neural Fx
  • Manual Task Training
  • Office Ergonomics Training
  • Health and Wellbeing Seminars (Exercise, fatigue, nutrition, health etc.)

Health Assessments

  • Executive Assessment – 60 minute health assessments involving blood testing, heart health check and physical testing
  • Basic Assessment – 20 minute assessment involving blood testing and heart health check

Fit to Waist Away Health Challenge

  • Health challenge designed to encourage healthy behaviours and increased physical activity (6-12week options)
  • Health and fitness initial and final testing
  • Group exercise
  • Lunch and learn sessions

PRE HAB Injury Prevention Program

  • Preventative exercise program ideal for an ageing workforce
  • Individual functional capacity assessment
  • Tailored exercise prescription to reduce risk of specific work-related risk factors