Is Pilates Beneficial?

Recently there has been new research substantiating the efficacy of Pilates as a form of rehabilitation for both acute and chronic injury as well as everyday health and fitness. Pilates is a form of physical therapy that was developed by Joseph Pilates originally to rehabilitate injured soldiers during WW1. Over the centuries, Pilates has been developed with various research and studies to not only be popular by physical therapists as a form of rehabilitation, but also in the field of fitness using a total body conditioning method with both associated mental and physical health benefits.

A Pilates based programme/class will focus on building strength, flexibility and lean muscle tone with an emphasis on lengthening the body and aligning the spine rather than bulking and shortening muscles. This focus is unlike any other type of exercise so if you feel like you have already tried everything to get the body or rehabilitation goals you want without success; Pilates will astound you! Focusing on strengthening the core and improving postural awareness will assist in alleviating and preventing back, neck and overall joint pain for your rehabilitation goals. Meanwhile, you will experience overall slimming and increased energy levels as your flexibility and mobility improves, leaving you feeling an inner strength and heightened body awareness.

If you feel you need more guidance and expertise with your Pilates training to achieve your personal goals, contact the Accredited Exercise Physiologists at Absolute Balance who have a high standard of education training from professional Pilates bodies by emailing or alternatively head to Absolute Balance’s Instagram and YouTube pages to see examples of Pilates movements and techniques performed with clients.


Jamie-Lee Gale (B.Sc. Exercise Physiology)
Accredited Exercise Physiologist (AES, AEP)(ESSAM)