Job Dictionaries: Why they are crucial for rehabilitation & RTWP

A Job Dictionary (JD) is a physical demands assessment or ergonomic assessment of a particular job role. It involves an examination and breakdown of the skills and physical demands specific to a particular task, role or duties within the workplace.

Job Dictionaries provide an essential tool in negotiating suitable duties and return to work plans (RTWP) for injured workers with treating medical doctors and other health care providers. They can also be used to help employers and recruiters match job candidates based on the physical demands of a job, for example, a ‘Pre-Employment Medical’.

With an ageing workforce JD’s provide a useful tool in examining exactly what core tasks are performed through evidence-based assessment and grading (min, moderate, high etc) on exertion, exposure, posture and movements on those tasks. With this tool our expert Accredited Exercise Physiologists can match their clinical exercise rehabilitation to the critical physical demands of said role/s. Rather than prescribing a “one size fits all” exercise programme these JD’s helps us pin point areas of potential risk for exacerbation’s as well as produce a more specific and targeted approach to improving functional capacity and getting our clients back to work as safely and effectively as possible.

JD’s are also a tool which helps us identify what people are doing in their job roles with regard to the physical demands and what training is necessary, if any. Furthermore, it helps to ensure that workers know exactly what is physically functional capacity is required to perform their jobs safely and efficiently.

Other purposes of a Job Dictionary are:

Job Grading & Classification

  • Promotion planning
  • Design of Job Performance Measures
  • Design of Selection Systems

So in a nutshell, Job Dictionaries helps to ensure the following:

  • Improved safety
  • Enhanced productivity
  • Effective performance

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Working with you towards better health!


Ryan O’Connor (Director & AEP)