Long hours at your desk killing you?

Have you been at your desk all day, answering phone calls and staring at your computer?  Have you realised by the end of the day you have developed a sore or stiff neck, or a headache has started?

One of the main contributors to workplace headaches and sore necks is weak musculature and, in turn, poor posture. By sitting at a desk all day and not taking breaks our head slowly protrudes further forward and our posture is compromised. This leads to our neck and upper back muscles become tight, causing tightness and strains. This, however, can be helped with some quick and easy stretches that you can perform periodically through the day. These include:

  • Bringing your chin to your chest
  • Reaching your ear to your shoulder, both sides
  • Looking down and to the side, both sides
  • Roll your shoulders forwards/backwards to loosen muscles

By holding theses stretches for approximately 15 seconds each and completing them a few times a day, it will help alleviate some of the tightness felt and help you reset your posture to reduce your risk of further pain or injury.

For further stretches, an ergonomic assessment and/or some strengthening exercises to help with your pain please contact info@absolutebalance.com.au to see how one of our Exercise Physiologists can help you.


 Sven Fang (AEP,ESSAM)


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