Losing our right arm!

Eight weeks ago our Business Manager Viki suffered a distal radius fracture whilst playing with her children. These injuries can be quite complex in adults.

Besides the frustration about the injury Viki’s primary concern was how to cope with two young kids (2 & 5), work and the myriad of daily duties that a mum and a professional have.

Wrist fractures, in particular, are notoriously difficult to heal due to the potential for malunion. The goal of treatment is to restore mobility, reduce pain, and improve functional outcomes following rehabilitation.

Treatment initially was, immobilisation/splinting (cast) for 6 weeks followed by mobilisation and finally strengthening through progressive rehab.

It was interesting having the full rehab process that our clients go through front and centre with one of our own (albeit not a worker’s compensation injury). As employers, we value ALL our team members and Viki was no different, given that she is an accountant and handles all our financials (amongst other duties) not being able to use her right hand made life difficult.

What we did:

  • Consulted with her treating specialist to individualise the program, ascertain any contraindications present (if any)
  • Conducted an ‘in-house’ ergonomic assessment both at work and at home looking at non-dominant hand mouse use as well as support for the injured limb as well as the other factors relevant
  • Flexibility for Viki to work from home when she saw fit e.g. when the pain was too severe or it was easier to manage in the comfort of her own home
  • An exercise rehabilitation program and an individual Accredited Exercise Physiologist (AEP) to assist Viki’s rehab and recovery
  • Main focus; keep the swelling down and keep pain at a minimum; Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation. Range of Motion exercises for improved mobility followed by strengthening exercises to increase function
  • Equipment for Viki’s strengthening and function; hand putty, theraband and tubigrip compression garment for at night
  • Ongoing reassurance, assistance, and encouragement

Whilst we never like to see anyone injured, having one of our own certainly ensured we practice what we preach with regards to appropriate rest, recovery and rehabilitation. Our business was also tested with regards to flexibility for our workers and I think Viki would say we passed with flying colours!

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Ryan O’Connor

Director – Accredited Exercise Physiologist (AEP) (ESSAM)