Meet the Team – Callan Smith

After 2 full years at Absolute Balance I think it is time to shed some light on my mysterious, dangerous and intriguing past that helped shaped me into the brilliant and well rounded AEP you will meet as you walk through the clinic doors (who may or may not SLIGHTLY embellish the truth..).

I have always been a Perth boy, growing up around the Ballajura area. Mum and Grandad saw to it that I would be brought up a West Coast fan, and for that I am forever grateful (how great was 2018!). Surprisingly I actually played soccer for a couple of years before switching to footy for the rest of my (limited) sporting career. Between the age of 15-16 I had a recurring hip injury that really hampered my playing time. As an AEP who deals with rehabilitation, I can look back now and know I did almost everything wrong with my rehab. I continued to try and train with the injury before it was ready, as well as all the other dumb schoolyard activities a teenager does that kept me from being fit and mobile a lot longer than it should have. Learning from past mistakes is critical, and I’m thankful I am in a position where I can impart both my clinical reasoning as well as my PERSONAL experience to empower, empathise and encourage others in their own rehabilitation.

After four great years of cheap Tuesday pizza’s at Slice of Italy, I graduated from Edith Cowan University with a Bachelor of Science in Exercise Science and Rehabilitation. I started full time with Absolute Balance two months after graduating, where I was given the opportunity to positively influence people and improve the quality of their mobility, physiology and their general day to day lives. Both my parents are living in different states now (not sure what drove them away, I am delightful!) and so my brother and I had a BIG learning curve as we began living by ourselves and learned how to juggle work, study, renovation AND usual house chores (there were a couple last-minute loads of washing at 10pm on a Sunday night). My career with Absolute Balance provided me the life skills to handle this life transition with positivity and confidence.

Working in a dynamic job role where I am constantly learning new skills as well as being able to implement my passion for wholesome health and mobility to improve someone’s situation is extremely rewarding. I believe exercise is medicine, and I am dedicated to using my knowledge and experience as an AEP for the benefit of others. The experiences I have gained and great clients I have worked with over the last two years have helped me grow as an AEP.

Callan Smith

(B.Sc. Exercise& Sport Science, B.Sc. Exercise Science & Rehabilitation)

Accredited Exercise Physiologist (AEP) (ESSAM)