MEET THE TEAM – Joel Skinner

My name is Joel, I have been working with Absolute Balance for 6 months and as an Accredited Exercise Physiologist for 18 months. Since starting at Absolute Balance, I have been involved in our corporate facilities, injury prevention and I am now part of the exercise rehabilitation team.

Originally from Surrey in England, I moved to Australia with my family in July 2008 to start a new life. The transition from moving to the other side of the world was certainly a big challenge growing up. Having to leave my family and friends on the other side of the world to then begin a new life in a new climate and having to make new friends was very tough mentally.

Growing up in England, I was an avid soccer player with a dream to become a professional in the sport that I loved. Moving to Australia was a challenge as a soccer player, from playing in the mud and rain, to playing in a hot climate, I was tested as to my ability to play at a top level. After captaining my team to a league title, I felt that I was accustomed to playing in Australia until I sustained my first injury, a hamstring tear. This hamstring tear turned out to be a reoccurring injury, which was incredibly frustrating.  After intense rehabilitation with a sports physiotherapist, it made me wonder, how can I help myself and others overcome injuries? After going through my reoccurring injury, I decided to quit playing soccer and focus on my studies. This eventuated to studying Exercise Science and Rehabilitation at university and becoming the exercise physiologist that I am today.

During my studies I took time to travel, occasionally traveling back to where I spent most of my childhood. I have also travelled to Bali, Melbourne and Sydney, exploring the places where most Aussies go. After attaining Australian citizenship, I can say that I am an Australian (despite the strong British accent).

Since becoming an Exercise Physiologist, I have realised the positive effect that exercise can have on the human body both physically and mentally. This provides me with the motivation to promote that exercise is medicine and exercise is the answer to all health conditions. There is no greater satisfaction than providing these services and making a positive change to the lives of individuals that need it the most. I have had the privilege of working with a variety of amazing people and achieving great outcomes, motivating me to continue in this industry for years to come.

Joel Skinner

B.Sc. Exercise Science and Rehabilitation (AEP, AES) (ESSAM)
Accredited Exercise Physiologist