Meet the Team – Leigh Ashmore

Hi everyone, my name is Leigh Ashmore and I have recently joined the Absolute Balance family as a Senior Accredited Exercise Physiologist in the Workers’ Compensation team. Although new to Absolute Balance, I cannot say I am a ‘newbie’ to the industry having worked as an AEP in Occupational Health for almost 15 years…my how time flies!


Over this period, I have seen tremendous growth in (and recognition of) the Exercise Physiology profession, particularly with the strong evidence for active-based treatment modalities proving so pivotal in improving injury recovery times. Over the years of my career, I have had the pleasure of helping many different people with a wide range of complex and challenging injuries achieve their recovery goals.


Winding back – my childhood years were somewhat unique. I spent time growing up in the Central Wheatbelt of Western Australia on a Wheat and Sheep Farm which was approximately 6500 acres, give or take! As you could imagine, this environment enabled fantastic opportunities to develop my love of outdoors and living an active lifestyle.


Since I was young, I always had a keen interest in sport, regularly playing for the local footy and basketball teams. Due to the geographical isolation of our farm, it would not be unusual for our family to travel more than 3 hours for training and games, particularly when I was lucky enough to gain a WAIS scholarship as a teenager. Due to my interest in exercise, I naturally gravitated towards completing an Exercise and Sports Science degree, ultimately specialising in Exercise Rehabilitation.


Jumping forward to the present, my beautiful wife Nikki and I have three wonderful kids, Caleb (8), Aidan (6) and Chelsea (3) who are such a blessing in our lives but they definitely ensure life is busy and there’s never a dull moment. Now things have come full circle and it is me driving my kids to their respective sports continuing the encouragement of an active lifestyle for optimal health and wellbeing.

Leigh Ashmore BSc(Sports Science) PGradDip (Exercise Rehabilitation)

Senior Accredited Exercise Physiologist