Meet the Team – Sarah Chee

I’m Sarah and I started at Absolute Balance in March 2019 as a practicum student and ever since, I’ve worked as an exercise consultant in the corporate facilities. I was born in sunny Singapore before moving to Perth with my family. After finishing high school, like any 17-year-old, I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do. My passion for physiology and anatomy lead me to enrol in Human Biology (preclinical) at Curtin University. I find it interesting that systems in the body are intertwined and synergistic, where a small stimulus can elicit a global change. I continued to complete an honours degree studying the effects of a protein on stem cell differentiation to adipose tissue. The research was interesting and very rewarding however, after spending months in a lab I realised that I preferred working with people in a more dynamic environment.

Finishing honours, I was lost again, until I enrolled in Exercise, Sport and Rehabilitation Science at Curtin University. It still piqued my interest, studying the human body but also encouraged hands-on participation and movement in various settings.

Outside of work, you’ll find me hanging out with family and friends, searching for the best dumplings around Perth, or getting sweaty running, doing pilates, yoga or pretty much anything involving conscious movement. I was always active as a kid and was very involved in athletics, netball and badminton, but my real love is inline rollerblading. I rollerbladed everywhere I could. So, when I found the Street Roller Hockey League in Perth, I jumped right on it. It is basically ice hockey on skates, played on a concrete slab. It is a great social sport with a fantastic community, fun and competitive, playing bad hockey with good vibes. I currently play for 2 teams, a girls only and mixed team.

Since starting at Absolute Balance in 2019, I have really enjoyed getting to know my clients, helping them reach their fitness goals and drawing on my experiences to develop personalised programs. Come say hello whether you want to chat fitness or if you’re after a good dumpling house recommendation!


Sarah Chee

B.Sc. Biomedical Science (Human Biology Preclinical) (Honours)

B.Sc. Exercise, Sports and Rehabilitation Science

Exercise Scientist