Meet the Team – Taylor Downes

My name is Taylor Downes and I have been working at Absolute Balance for three years in corporate health and I have just recently moved into exercise rehabilitation in the worker’s compensation sector. I grew up in Brisbane where I had a very active childhood participating in a lot of sports such as athletics, swimming, hockey and martial arts. I moved to Tasmania which really opened up my eyes to the great outdoors. I had my first experiences in camping, sea and white water kayaking, white water rafting, rock climbing, scuba diving, abseiling, multi-day hikes along famous walks such as the overland track and walls of Jerusalem. I decided to continue my passion for the outdoors in my late teens where I started my studies in Bachelor of Human Movement specializing in Outdoor Education. Unfortunately, I found it difficult to get full-time jobs in my areas of specialisation so I was thrown into the world of relief teaching. I learnt a lot from my relief teaching years including how to address behaviour management to prevent chairs being thrown at me! I found myself continuously trying to upskill including completing my commercial boat license to keep my head above water (excuse the pun). I was offered a job as a deckhand and ferry master back in my hometown of Brisbane where I found myself working and travelling for the best part of three years. I found the work as a ferry master physically challenging but not so mentally challenging and I was contemplating my next career move. I always had an interest in the science of the human body and specifically exercise physiology from my first degree so I landed in Perth to do my post graduate in Clinical Exercise Physiology. I managed to start working with healthy populations with Absolute Balance as soon as I started my degree. From then I knew this was the right path for me.

Outside of my professional life I love to socialise with friends, and travel back to the east coast to see friends and family where I can. I enjoy partaking in community events such as fun runs and going to the gym with like-minded people. I find the social aspect of exercise really motivating and encouraging for me. I always try to travel to a new place every year. I have enjoyed a lot of traveling alongside my work over the previous years to places such as Russia, Scandinavia, Europe, Asia and UK. I am looking forward to my trips to Croatia, Italy and Malta this year.

I have had many different professional experiences over the years which has opened my eyes to a different perspective of what ‘good health’ is. Coming from a background of exercise for enjoyment, I find this the most relatable to my clients. My advice is to always move in ways that you enjoy otherwise it won’t be a life-long habit.