Men’s Mental Health

On average 1 in 8 men will experience depression and 1 in 5 will experience anxiety at some point in their lives. Additionally, 6 out of 8 suicides every day in Australia are men.

Typically speaking men’s health gets pushed to the back burner. Due to a variety of reasons including social norms, upbringing, and surrounding role models. Often, resulting in signs and symptoms going unrecognised.

The generic ‘chin up’ that we have been taught over many years just does not cut it anymore. The culture of dismissal is no longer acceptable, this is a serious matter that should not be pushed to the side.

Having supportive friends and family who you know you can reach out to when the going gets tough, is essential. Everyone goes through tough times the key is to reach out as early as possible. You are still a ‘man’ if you reach out, it is time to change the conversation.

Exercise & Men’s Health

Men who on average climb 50 stairs or walk 5 blocks a day may lower their risk of heart attack by 25%. There are many known benefits exercise can have on men’s health. Surprisingly, there are 3 benefits of exercise on men’s health that are not talked about as often as some others.

Firstly, with so many events throughout the year, the typical male struggles to remember their own birthday let alone anyone else. The annual biff with a sibling or a spouse is something most men can say they have encountered when they have forgotten a significant event. Studies have shown adrenaline and energy delivered to the brain during the exercise has the ability to improve memory and eventually results in the generation of new brain cells. Potentially leading to greater recall skills which can help maintain good relationships.

Additionally, research shows those who participate in regular physical activity portrayed a positive outlook on life and maintained a healthy self-esteem. It was also noted these men seemed to be more successful in business and in turn landed higher-paying jobs. The decreased stress levels associated with exercise allows for more clarity in your day, making most men more productive when exercising regularly.

Lastly, it is true exercise will not turn you into Leonardo Dicaprio, it will however help to cut back aging. The increase in blood flow promoted with exercise helps to keep the skin looking healthy and may help prevent those unwanted wrinkles. The significant impact exercise has on stress management will also help aid in maintaining healthy-looking skin.

The benefits of exercise on men’s health are endless are play a huge role in their everyday life. There is no doubt at one point or another all men will experience a difficult situation which impacts their mental health. Importantly, it is about identifying these risk factors earlier and reaching out for the appropriate help. Remember it is not weak to speak.

Cameron Galati

Accredited Exercise Physiologist (AEP, AES) (ESSAM)