Merry Christmas from Absolute Balance

On behalf of myself, Ryan, Ingrid and the Team at Absolute Balance we wish to take this opportunity to thank everyone for all your support and guidance throughout the year. The success of our company is built on the efforts of our team, but also our clients and stakeholders, and in 2018 we have enjoyed many successes by partnering with you. Thank you for the dedication shown to Absolute Balance to working together towards the best possible outcomes with our clients, members, patients and workers.

Some notable accomplishments in 2018 with our partners included:

Injury Prevention: increasing our services to Australia Post (Ask the Expert Programme) and St John (Neural Fx) to increasing our reach with corporate ergonomic assessments.  Coupled with continuing our services with LGIS namely our FitHab, Fit and Waist Away Programmes. Absolute Balance wishes to thank you for allowing us to positively influence people’s lives!

Exercise Rehabilitation: This team increased to over 12 members this year, with excellent skill sets and varied experience. Our in-house weekly training, research and development has allowed Absolute Balance to deliver the latest evidence-based concepts to our clients. Thank you to our rehabilitation team working towards our mission to be the best Exercise Physiology practice in Australia.

Corporate Health: It was with great pleasure we had some highly skilled and motivated consultants who strive to improve the health and fitness of the men and women within onsite corporate gymnasiums in Perth. A highlight this year was winning the management contract at Central Park whilst maintaining and advancing services to our other 5 corporate health facilities. This allowed growth in our team through developing and innovating new methods and ways to connect with our corporate members.

Clinic:  Our Como clinic continues to grow, and we have a specialised team who will continue to focus on Chronic Disease Management (CDM) services. With the new focus in our Como clinic allows greater scope to timetable specific classes into the clinic such as, Arthritis Army, Age Strong and Functional Fitness Classes as well as Parkinson’s specific classes. Watch this space as we partner with General Practices within a 15km radius of the South Perth area to conduct class membership programmes to the public. In addition, our National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) rollout will also be promoted in our Como Clinic working closely with specific need populations.

Business and Strategy:

Absolute Balance employed a Business Development Manager and has increased capacity for our Business Office Manager. We see potential for both roles to increase during 2019 and hope that we can develop this role to an Operations role. We are fortunate enough to have skilled and passionate individuals who form part of our team at Absolute Balance.

We would like to acknowledge you, our client, our customer who we are privileged to professionally work closely with to achieve positive outcomes. We thank you for your patronage, support, alliance and guidance during 2018 and endeavour to only foster this into 2019 and beyond.

Finally, Absolute Balance wishes you and your family a very Merry Christmas and we trust you have the time to recharge the batteries for what we see another huge year in 2019. Stay safe during your break and we look forward to seeing and working with you once again in 2019.

Many thanks and Merry Christmas to you.

Derek Knox

Founder – Absolute Balance Exercise Physiology Services