Message from Derek Knox

Absolute Balance Exercise Consultants has taken the liberty to simply provide you with balanced information that may assist you in determining the referral for exercise. Naturally this will be through both positive and negative experiences in an aim to decipher when exercise would be beneficial or not for your Worker/Client or Patient. Through varied case studies over several newsletters, we trust that Absolute Balance Exercise Consultants can illustrate and provide information that will assist you.

To kick off the first series, today’s topic is the late intervention with exercise.

We trust you’ll get some use from it.

Absolute Balance continues to strive to provide you with the best opportunity to realise your health & fitness goals.

Absolute Balance Injury Consultants are excited to introduce a new partner into the business – Ryan O’Connor. Ryan will be an active partner and specialises in Injury Prevention and Exercise Rehabilitation.

Absolute Balance is very excited about our future. We are more closely defining our niche areas each year, further developing our business in the following areas:

1. Exercise & Injury Rehabilitation.
2. Corporate Health Services.
3. Health and Exercise Management.
4. Injury Prevention.

For further information on these services please feel free to contact me personally at Absolute Balance. If you require referral templates please visit us online at 

On behalf of my team and I thank you for choosing Absolute Balance. I am excited and passionate to provide you with first class injury rehabilitation and injury prevention programming in an aim to assist your Worker/Patient to return to work effectively, safely and with confidence.

Kind regards,
Derek Knox (B.Sc. Sports, MBA)
Director – Exercise Physiologist
Absolute Balance


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