New to the Clinic: HIIT Parkinson’s Classes

Last year, we posted a blog regarding the use of boxing and other high-intensity exercise and the large range of benefits this training can provide for those living with Parkinson’s ( Since then we have continued to broaden our knowledge on the subject with the goal of providing classes using the latest evidence-based research at our Como Clinic. We are pleased to announce that HIIT Parkinson’s is now up and running every Thursday from 11am – 12pm!

To quickly sum up some of the findings coming out of the scientific community, high-intensity exercise has been found to reduce further damage to the neurons and dopamine receptors of those living with Parkinson’s. This addresses the progression of the condition, in some cases completely halting disease progression for a time. Recreational boxing fits this intensity requirement, while also providing the added physical and cognitive benefits of training footwork and balance, hand-eye coordination and complex motor planning and execution. Further research backs the use of repetition in training (both repetition during the session plus the repetition of completing the exercise for the following weeks and months) to improve the utilisation of the remaining dopamine in the brain and potentially encourage the brain’s neuroplasticity to re-work certain motor pathways over time.

HIIT Parkinson’s was created to help empower those living with Parkinson’s, to essentially “fight back” against the degenerative disease. These classes aim to increase dopamine utilisation, help re-work motor patterns and generally improve activities of daily living through a combination of high-intensity interval training using cardio equipment, recreational boxing activities and functional strength exercises as well balance and gait training. Each new class member receives a free 1 on 1 fitness assessment and boxing wrist wraps upon joining, and partners are more than welcome. We believe that exercising together will allow us to teach you take-home activities to perform throughout the week.

If you are interested in joining our HIIT Parkinson’s classes or are interested in the range of other classes and services available at our Como Clinic, please contact us through or call on 9244 5580.

Callan Smith

(B.Sc. Exercise & Sport Science, B.Sc. Exercise Science & Rehabilitation)

Accredited Exercise Physiologist (AEP) (ESSAM)


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