Pay It Forward – Ergonomics At Work

I know what you’re thinking. “Ergonomics. Yawn”. Well I’m here to give you the condensed, ‘need to know’ fact’s that could end up saving your business thousands.

It’s said that investing in ergonomics will save you money in the long run, but is that just wishful thinking? Here’s proof that applying ergonomic interventions prior to an office fit-out will save you financially in many ways. Look at what happened to a Norwegian business when they address the key aggravating factors in a workplace;

  • Sick-leave due to injury reduced from 5·3% to 3·1%
  • Staff turn-over reduced from 30·1% to 7·6%
  • An investment of $55 200 produced total savings of $504 200

With returns like that you can see the financial importance of ergonomic intervention. Now let’s look at it in terms of your valued employees. When ergonomic interventions were put in place at this nursing home they saw some fantastic changes.

  • Forces in the spine reduced from 83% to 41%
  • Incidences of back injuries reduced from 83 to 47 per 200 000 work hours
  • Perceived exertion of the same task’s went from ‘Hard’ to ‘Very Light’
  • No injuries occurred during the last four months of the study

It seems ergonomics is suddenly a topic worth the discussion. Ask us at Absolute Balance how we can help your business and employees health and wellbeing while saving you money or visit: