Stretching: why its necessary to achieve your fitness goals!

When people are pressed for time when completing a workout one of the most common things skipped is stretching. Stretching is beneficial as muscles and connective tissue can become tight over time. By stretching, a person can maintain or increase their joint range of motion and potentially reduce their risk of injury. Even if flexibility is not your main goal, stretching before and after an exercise session is extremely beneficial. Some studies have shown that stretching can relieve muscle stiffness and potential delay joint degeneration.

A long term effect of stretching is the increase in range of motion, which can decrease the risk of injury as you are able to move further with less restriction. An increase in range of motion can lead to a greater ability to complete different exercises, be that in a gym, in everyday life or in a sporting scenario. This potential increase in performance from stretching may just be what is missing from your current regime! It is suggested that dynamic stretching (stretching while moving through a range of motion) is most beneficial when completed during the warm-up phase of an exercise regime however static stretching (a stretch that is held) is suggested to have the greatest effects when completed post exercise; in the cool-down phase.

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Brodie Scicluna (B.Sc. Exercise and Sports Science)

Exercise Consultant