Ways to get back into Exercising

Have you been in isolation for too long? Are you losing your motivation to stay active?

Doing some form of exercise is an easy way to boost your mental and physical health and now is the ideal time to try new activities.

If you are working from home, you will not be getting the incidental exercise you normally do by commuting to and from the office. Depending on your workload, you can still however keep active whilst doing your house chores, gardening etc.  If you are the kind of person who likes to get active in a group, it is now the time to get back into your usual pursuits, joining in gym classes and or team sports.

Here are some ways to get you back on track with your exercise:

  1. Go freestyle – if a structured routine is not your style, get creative, build your own workouts, and improvise your weights with household items such as can of beans, water bottles etc.
  2. Take your exercise outside – it is always a bonus if you can take your workouts outdoors in the fresh air. Whether you are out walking, cycling, or running. Trial and error with the time of the day and try choosing times with less foot traffic taking into consideration the 1.5m social distancing.
  3. Online Group Fitness Classes – One of the growing trends with Gyms or Fitness Centres now days is reaching out to gym members using an online platform such as Zoom or Teams to keep the interactions alive. Live group fitness classes using these platforms are great as it does not only give you the feel of being in a class environment, it also allows you to interact with your facilities whilst keeping the distance. So, if your facilities have made this available to you, make sure to tune in. Gyms are now slowly merging back into group fitness classes on site with restrictions applied – keep in mind that majority of them are still running the online coaching for those people who are still cautious about going back into the gym straight away.

On the other hand, Absolute Balance are currently offering great weekly online contents such as workouts, Blogs/Vlogs to our Corporate Facilities gym members and tenants. So if you are based in one of our Corporate Facilities and would like to receive these contents, please email online@absolutebalance.com.au so we can get you signed up. If you are not based in our Facilities and would like these to apply for your business, please send us an email also so we can try and help.

The Absolute Balance team members are more than happy to assist with your enquiries further. Please email us on the above email address.

Norlina Yakin
Corporate Manager