Why an Exercise Routine is So Important – Especially in the Current Climate.

I am willing to bet there are a quite a few people who have seen their usual day to day routine change drastically (probably more than once) over these past few months living in a post COVID -19 world. I am one of them, and although I did enjoy getting out of bed and commuting 10 metres to my laptop instead of halfway across the city – I have noticed that with these continual changing phases of lock-down I have not upheld my usual healthy routine. This is what many people who are injured and on workers compensation experience – a sudden change in routine. Suddenly they are not getting up to go to work, not doing the usual chores around the house, unable to perform their usual leisure activities. The same psychological effects of a change in routine apply, and we can use the same strategies to combat these negative effects.

Of course, as an Exercise Physiologist my first strategy is to continue with a consistent exercise routine. Unfortunately, different states of Australia are in varying degrees of lock-down but regardless of where you live ANY form of exercise that gets your heart rate up and your blood pumping is better than nothing. If work life and home life is melding into one due to working from home, I suggest blocking out a certain time of the day devoted to your personal health. Don’t wait for some “free time” to appear, before you know it, you’ll be nodding off on the couch in a food coma (a trap I have fallen into many times). Exercise has been proven to have a PROFOUND positive impact on depression and anxiety, conditions that are quite likely to be on the rise as social distancing and self-isolation becomes the norm over these next few months. Routine exercise will also help you keep your mind sharp and focussed to get through the working day – even amongst the maelstrom of children and pets and home life duties!

Sleep is also a MAJOR player when it comes to keeping sane and levelheaded while at home. Sleep deprivation can do some serious damage to your psychological state, and if there is nothing to wake up for, it is much more likely the late nights get later and later. Funnily enough, EXERCISE helps promote a healthier sleep cycle, which in turn again provides positive effects upon anxiety and depression levels.

The entire team at Absolute Balance are well versed in strategising individualised routine home exercises for our injured clients, if you feel that this change in lifestyle has effected your routine and possibly your mental state in a negative way please give us a call. We are happy to catch up one on one via Telehealth and provide our expert guidance.

Callan Smith

(B.Sc. Exercise & Sport Science, B.Sc. Exercise Science & Rehabilitation)

Senior Accredited Exercise Physiologist (AEP) (ESSAM)