Year in Review – December 2015


With a recent business trip to Melbourne, Ryan and I had time to reflect on the year that was. Instead of providing the usual obligatory Christmas exercise/food advice we thought we would share some of our accomplishments in 2015 and thank the people who are either directly or indirectly part of our team’s success. Those people are YOU!


Earlier this year Absolute Balance secured the management contract at Fiona Stanley Hospital, as well as increasing our Injury Prevention Services within our well established Workers Compensation unit and also with works completed through our contract with LGIS. Our South Perth Clinic performed exceptionally well completing programmes such as our Female Function Programme for over 50’s, and the partnering with Medical Surgeries to compete Chronic Disease Management both at South Perth and in Midland. We definitely had our challenges, one being embracing social media (well at least Ryan and I struggled with this one ha-ha), however we now understand the importance of simply keeping people informed on all matters wellbeing, health and exercise with evidence-based information, products and services. We realized quickly that people are very interested in what Absolute Balance represents and how the company and its #TeamAB can do to assist you in ‘moving towards better health’.


For all these achievements to occur we must have a strong team with us.  We are very excited by increasing our workforce to 15, including our newly appointed Exercise Rehabilitation Manager.  In addition, we also initiated an internal cadetship where a recent graduate to expose said candidate to all facets of the business, working alongside our experienced team members. Ryan and I would like to thank each team member for their dedication and support and trust we can again build a stronger team in 2016.


Our new ventures for 2016 are just as exciting with a new clinic to be opened in Rockingham in January, with potentially another April/May. Other than that at this stage we will consolidate each business unit so that we can provide you with the Absolute Balance promise.


For the business to operate effectively Ryan and I would like to thank you, our client/s, our subscribers and our families who show unconditional support in our business. We see that our success is collaborative and for that we thank you.


Finally on behalf of Absolute Balance team we wish you a very Merry Christmas and a wonderful 2016.


Yours Sincerely, Derek and Ryan

derek ryan