Exercise Rehabilitation Services

Workers Compensation

Workers Compensation

Absolute Balance is highly regarded in the field of return-to-work exercise rehabilitation programs. Our services include hydrotherapy and land-based activities including gymnasium, home and workplace exercise programs for effective job hardening and functional return to work programming.

We are patient outcome-focused and prescribe our exercise programs to the critical physical demands of the patient rather than a one size fits all model. Through the use of a downloadable track active interactive program patients are provided with pictures and videos of correct movement patterns to reinforce their program and to monitor symptoms and compliance.

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Absolute Balance returns over 80% of workers compensation clients to a minimum of full pre-injury duties within 6 months.

Motor Vehicle Rehabilitation

Motor Vehicle Accident

At Absolute Balance, our Motor Vehicle Accident (MVA) Program enables patients to access Exercise Rehabilitation services to help restore mobility and strength to assist in getting them back to living life to the fullest.

Absolute Balance is highly regarded in the field of exercise rehabilitation programs and we are here to help!

Our services range from hydrotherapy and land-based activities including gymnasium and homebased programs.

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