Pubalgia (Or Sports Hernia)

Pubalgia is a chronic condition where there is an imbalance of the adductor and abdominal muscles at the pubis, that leads to an increase of the weakness of the posterior wall of the groin. This imbalance leads to a deep groin pain. Complete tearing or displacement can occur unilaterally or across the midline to the other side.

Management with Exercise:

  • Rehabilitation with physical therapy is first-line treatment for most patients with athletic pubalgia. Recovery considerations include: Severity of the injury since onset, physical condition activity levels of the person
  • The treatment consists of rest, active soft tissue mobilisations in case of muscle tightness, anti-inflammatory medication and exercise rehabilitation, therapeutic ultrasound treatments, cold tubs and deep massage.
  • Stage of therapy include:
    • The range of motion must be recovered
    • Core strengthening exercise to target the abdomen, lumbar spine and hips
    • Stretching focusing on the hip rotators, adductors and hamstrings
    • Neuromuscular re-education focusing on the adductors and abdominal muscles where we begin with the controlled contraction of the Transversus Abdominis.
  • Overall, the goal is to correct the imbalance of the hip and pelvic muscle stabilizers. Another crucial part is the. Optimal training includes a variety of exercises, with a focus on proprioception, and co-contraction of various muscles to keep postural equilibrium.

An active training programme is superior to passive treatment without active training

Ronan Power, B.Sc Exercise Physiology (AEP, AES) (ESSAM)
Senior Accredited Exercise Physiologist